My name is Owen Berg and this is the place where I'll attempt to share the things that have been helpful or have interested me to the point where I think you may be interested too.

I'm a Christian, dad, engineer and woodworker. Often, I'm a bit of all three in some sort of awesome Ven diagram.

Oh yes, I'm also a geek...

It's taking me a bit of time to get the initial articles completed on here - I have some more updates to the MCEBuddy articles and then some details for using Plex that I want to add. I've also got plans to add some details around a table I've made for my new pillar drill (that is, a table for things to be drilled rather than a table to site the drill on... it'll make sense once I get it here!). 

I've also been working on the "My Favourite Tools" article. While the reviews on that page are likely to be mostly positive (they wouldn't be favourite tools if I had major issues with them), I'll do my best to keep that page up to date with any issues I've found. You'll see that page bumping up the recent articles list below as each republish will return it to the top of the page. I'm not always very good at notating the changes I make to articles, but I'll try to do it in the future!

Below are links to the most recent articles, I've started off by writing up some of my experiences of moving away from Windows Media Center and what I've arrived at as a more complete media server solution.

Also a page about my recommended/favourite hand tools. I intend to start uploading some articles about tool restoration since that's a thing now.

More recent updates have centred around outdoor pursuits. I'm building a section of recommended walks and rides that are easily accessible from South Leeds. I live in Beeston and it often feels frustrating that most of the better known areas are north of Leeds. I've been studying maps and mapping resources and I'm slowly putting together some resources to help you access the countryside without having to hop across the city.
This started with some walks, more of which are on the way, but more recently, we've been exploring on our bikes. While many of the cycle routes aren't restricted to South Leeds, I'm attempting to make sure that they are at least easily accessible from there.

I'll probably add another subsection to add some wider adventures on there as I've got some good recommendations for Derbyshire, Shropshire and maybe South Wales on the way too!

Recent Articles