My Outdoors section started with a category about walking and me saying that we had been frustrated about the mistaken idea that we had to travel out to the north of Leeds to access good walking.

Well, now Emily has a bike and we've also been enjoying the south of the city for cycling too. There are quite a few well known routes out along the canal heading toward Bingley etc, but it seems there are some lesser known areas out to the south, which we've been enjoying a lot recently.

While there are significant spots along these routes that are undoubtedly known locally, I've attempted to join up many of these spots with cycle friendly routes. We've enjoyed them anyway!

Again, I'll be linking to my routes on Komoot as we've found their mapping/planning tools to be excellent - perfect for route finding rather than sporting!

Our second ride together, we decided to start with the hills and have a more leisurely return!

This route heads up over the top of Middleton, before heading back out and around Ardsley, to return back up through Kirkhamgate, Rothwell and finally back along the Aire & Calder Navigation before heading across the bottom of Middleton Woods in what appears to have become a regular mild climb back into Beeston!

This was our first ride out after Emily got her bike for Christmas. Emily hadn't done any significant cycling since she was a teenager and I hadn't done any real distance for a similar length of time (plus, I have Cheshire legs which aren't well suited to going up hills). With that in mind, I planned this ride to do a minimal amount of busy road cycling and to take advantage of local bridleways instead.

It was a success. Enough road cycling to act as practice for Emily, but plenty of quiet bridleway cycling. Of course, it also features a place for lunch. As all rides should.

While it doesn't really qualify as South Leeds, it at least starts and ends there!

We headed out to the Aire & Calder navigation to start. This is a relatively short hop for us and gets us to a bit of a corridor to exit the city. It's also pretty easily accessed from anywhere around the south right round to the west of Leeds, so seems a pretty reasonable starting point. From there, we took advantage of a greenway and then cut across to Tempe Newsam, before dropping back down to the Navigation to return home... more details in the full article!