I'll cover some useful stuff that I've found concerning web development and tools. I'll try and stick some stuff on here for GLPI, which is a highly recommended freeware support desk tool along with anything else that may be of use to others.

GodsWeb Hosting Services

I've been using GodsWeb for Web hosting since 2006. During that time I've hosted three different sites with the company and I still think they are excellent value for money.

I initially moved our church website to the hosting to make use of the generous web space and databases (at the time, you'd be charged per database by most hosting companies) and shortly after, I also moved my personal website onto their servers. A big part of the decision to support GodsWeb was that they are a Christian company. This means the company is run with good Christian values, but it doesn't affect end users. Beyond the company's homepage and your account page, there is no mention of the company name or branding and clients would only see a generic cPanel interface.

Although there have been some minor bumps along the way, I have found them to be very professional and I've had very few problems.