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Living in South Leeds, we were frustrated in the amount of time that it takes to get across the city and out to some enjoyable countryside. 

We were wrong and more recently, we've discovered some great areas for walking in our locality, sometimes it just takes a bit of local knowledge to find where paths link up. I'll try and document some of what we've found here.

Although I like using for recording my routes, I've discovered that seems to be a bit better for planning/embedding routes in websites, so I'm in the process of moving my planned routes across from mapmywalk to komoot.

My Outdoors section started with a category about walking and me saying that we had been frustrated about the mistaken idea that we had to travel out to the north of Leeds to access good walking.

Well, now Emily has a bike and we've also been enjoying the south of the city for cycling too. There are quite a few well known routes out along the canal heading toward Bingley etc, but it seems there are some lesser known areas out to the south, which we've been enjoying a lot recently.

While there are significant spots along these routes that are undoubtedly known locally, I've attempted to join up many of these spots with cycle friendly routes. We've enjoyed them anyway!

Again, I'll be linking to my routes on Komoot as we've found their mapping/planning tools to be excellent - perfect for route finding rather than sporting!