A catchall for hobbies and projects. This will include my woodworking, tool restoration, maybe church work etc.

Saw Store

Not entirely sure whether this fits in tools or woodworking, but here goes!

I've always struggled with saw storage in my shed. I've either ended up with systems that stick out a long way and are prone to breaking, or something that is flat, but takes up a lot of width.

While searching for the answer to my problems, I came across this page, which had a very nice idea address my exact problem, so I set out to design a rack which fits the space I have.

While many of my favourite tools are vintage tools, I have a few modern ones that I like and would recommend. I'll try and document both here with a bit of description.

I'll try and keep this up to date and add to it as time goes on and my preferences change or are added to.


Projects I'm working on and have completed in my cave. I mean shed.

I've a love for hand tools, particularly old ones as they are better (after a bit of TLC), cleaner and more enjoyable to use!

This section will cover some of my hand tool restorations.